Growth Through Dialogue

“Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom.  Sharing it is the first step to humanity.” - unknown     Here at DEPDC/GMS we function on a platform of prevention through education.  For us this takes many forms: alternative curriculum, workshops, cultural exchange opportunities, and the sharing of one’s experiences and knowledge.  Within our walls... Continue Reading →


“You have dignity, and you have power.”

  On Sunday evening our founder, Khun Sompop, hopped on a plane to Paris.  His visit to the City of Love was not a leisurely break, but a mission to further spread DEPDC’s message.  As a 2017 UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education, Khun Sompop, alongside fellow prominent awardees, was invited to a two-day... Continue Reading →

What’s Learned Here Leaves Here

A trembling lower lip as tears pool up in their eyes, a crystalline film, the physical manifestation of their sorrow.  They clench their fists, determined to stymie the looming emotional storm, but the enveloping hug of a departing friend breaks their composure and the tears begin to pour.  This scene was reiterated in countless combinations on... Continue Reading →

Laughs and Lessons

There is not a day at DEPDC where the opening of the proverbial doors goes unaccompanied by the laughter and joyous shrieks of the children who enter our classrooms and halls.  With the arrival of our friends from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, the typical jubilance has surged to new heights that has even our most seasoned... Continue Reading →

Introducing: International Volunteer, Mahdia!

Another one of our volunteers, Mahdia Islam, recently wrapped up her work with DEPDC. During her time here, she helped coordinate and restructure the international department by creating an efficient, online system of organisation. Mahdia also played a major role in planning events like the SYSTERM graduation, as well as facilitated English classes. Mahdia's volunteer... Continue Reading →

Introducing: International Volunteer, Elizabeth!

Having spent the last couple of months volunteering at DEPDC, Elizabeth Dolan has learned much about what it means to give yourself unconditionally to an organisation. During her time here, she wrote grants, taught English, created and gave presentations on trafficking and the mission of DEPDC, and coordinated with international volunteers. She also had the... Continue Reading →

Congratulations SYSTERM Group A!

“Congrats! Farewell! See you soon!” These were the common phrases echoed throughout the halls of DEPDC this past week. On Sunday, 29 July, the first cohort of students graduated from the Shan Youth Safety Training to End Risk Migration (SYSTERM). This seven-month program culminated in a day-long ceremony filled with inspiring speeches, traditional dance performances,... Continue Reading →

Introducing: International Volunteer, Kristin!

Kristin Moreau has spent the last eight months volunteering at DEPDC/GMS. During her time at DEPDC/GMS, Kristin taught English at the Half Day School, as well as provided individual language practice to students from the Shan State in neighboring Myanmar. Within the larger Mae Sai community, she raised awareness of DEPDC/GMS's mission and established lasting... Continue Reading →

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