We welcome individuals and groups to visit our Centre in Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand!  

We can provide a presentation on human trafficking and what our organization does to combat it, as well as a tour of the Coordination Centre, which is also home to our Half Day School program.  A typical tour and presentation lasts about 1-2 hours and can be in English or Thai, or both languages! 

Kindly send an e-mail to to request a visit. We ask that requests are made at least one week in advance of the proposed visit date. We are a small organization, though with a big heart, and we welcome you and your group to visit us in Mae Sai!



One thought on “VISIT US

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  1. Sawaht dee Khun Sompop and Friends and Supporters,
    It is nice to receive your email newsletters again.
    Although I’ve been around, I haven’t visited you all lately.
    I am a teacher from Alaska and live near Maekham, south of you.
    I met Khum Sompop about 15 years ago when DEPDC was first started.
    It’s wonderful how it has developed and expanded.

    You are all welcome to come and visit for some R&R anytime.
    I host many travellers who need a place to stay too.

    Chok dee, Hope to see you soon,

    Terryl Miller Sky
    93/6 Pasangnoi
    57240 Chiang Rai

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