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  1. A friend who keeps me up to date on the political situation in Thailand found your site online.

    I was a Peace Corps volunteer up in Amphur Lom Kao, Petchaboon Province, 1967-1969, teaching English as a foreign language at the middle school level. Lom Kao is close to the Laotian border, so my students spoke a Lao dialect (or Chinese) at home, learned central Thai in school, and then added English.

    This was during the war in Vietnam, so I was very aware of the American soldiers involved in the sexual traffic in Bangkok. I am very glad to hear of your work.

  2. Hi Jennifer, Thank you so much for your comments, your back ground remind me deeply to the old day when I was a young boy, almost bad boy I believe but someone like you I trust ,a peace corps volunteer same as you had changed my life and today I am here at DEPDC/GMS as a founder. Ofcause without a so nice peace cor mom … how could this be… so please be so pround for your past as one of the best Amarican people and forgive and forget American soldiers. You and your peace corps life have made this world even more peacful place for children to live.Please acept my respect to you.

    Sompop Jantraka

  3. DEPDC is a wonderful place to be. You are always feeling welcomed by children and staff of the school and it really makes you feel at home. DEPDC’s founder helps volunteers learn and spread more information of human trafficking and also gives so many kids a chance to have an education they deserve. The kids and staff are unforgetable and a visit is worth your while.

  4. I learned so much from volunteering at DEPDC. The children are so adorable, smart, sincerely trusting and appreciative. The staff, especially Pi Noom, were always welcoming and so kind to the volunteers and the children. The father Sompop was very inspiring and will always be respected by his children and the volunteers for the extraordinary contribution and impact he had on everyone. From the construction work, I learned so many skills from Loon Sam, who’s incrediably good at his job and always patient to starters. Last but not least, Dum, the most friendly dog ever existed, gave me so many heartwarming moments. Thank you all! I will always remember my experience here and pass on the DEPDC spirits. I will also try to gather more help from my home country for this lovely place and all the children. Thanks again to everyone for making this experience an awesome one!

  5. DEPDC is a wonderful facility with friendly and inviting staff, as well as energetic and aspiring children. The children who attend DEPDC are always ready to learn as well as play, and are very quick to make friends and build connections with foreigners. It is easy to communicate with these remarkable kids despite the language barrier, and they are also respectful. A lot of the credit can easily be given to the staff of DEPDC, a friendly group of amazing individuals (and friendly dogs) that has been inviting and patient throughout my experience here. In addition, father Sompop, the founder of DEPDC, is an incredible inspiration to humanity, and it was an honor to learn about the issues of human trafficking, among other things, from him. My time at DEPDC is truly a heartwarming and mind-broadening experience that I encourage anyone and everyone to experience for themselves.

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