Chiang Khong Safe Shelter

Mekong Child Rights Protection Centre
The Mekong Child Rights Protection Centre (M-CRPC), was established in Chiang Khong in 2006 after DEP’s remarkable success in preventing high-risk children in the Mae Sai District from entering the sex industry. The intention behind this project was to expand the program to the Chiang Khong District, another high risk area of human trafficking in Chiang Rai Province. In July 2015 M-CRPC became an independent organization, called Child Rights Protection Center Chiang Khong (CRP-CK).

The M-CRPC approach is fundamentally based on prevention through education. This approach embraces the conviction that if children (particularly girls) are given the opportunity to remain in school while living in a safe and supportive environment, they are less likely to engage in or be forced into exploitative and demeaning labour situations such as prostitution.


For this purpose, the M-CRPC offers support to children at-risk and their families in two ways:


  1. Shelter Home (Residential Services)
  2. Family-based Support (Non-residential Services)


At our shelter home, we provide full-time accommodation for girls who have been identified as being at a very high risk of exploitation and/or trafficking. Living at the centre, these girls are guaranteed a safe place to grow and develop. They regularly attend the local government school and take part in all sorts of life-skills activities and vocational trainings.


For those other children at risk, girls and boys, for whom it is safe to live at home with their families, assistance is provided in the form of scholarships.


The M-CRPC target groups are composed of girls and boys from the Greater Mekong Sub-region, aged 3-18, with the following risk factors or situations:


  •  Members of ethnic minorities and hill-tribe groups living in the upland regions
  •  Stateless status, with no citizenship documentation or birth records
  •  Parents are undocumented migrants or refugees
  •  Parents are living with HIV/AIDS or deceased
  •  Family members abuse drugs and/or alcohol
  •  Extreme poverty
  •  Being at risk or subject of physical and/or sexual abuse at home
  •  Previous victims of trafficking or other victimization


We believe strongly in the importance of providing an education as a key to opening a range of life options for young people. The M-CRPC couples this with a program of personal development providing extracurricular activities, such as teaching the children about nutrition, cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene and healthcare, as well as general information about drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and their human rights with particular focus on the situation of child labour and prostitution in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

M-CRPC Mission Statement

The Mekong Child Rights Protection Centre seeks to protect the children from the Chiang Khong District (particularly from the nearby hill tribe communities) who are at risk of being trafficked into the sex industry or other exploitative labour situations.




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