Education is the key

Last week we had many special educational activities and classes for our children.

Aside from our regular classes, our children have creative and special classes such as creating and playing musical instruments and art & drawing classes. Each of these unique classes aimed to inspire their creative entitlement and help creating an emotional rounded person with a deeper sense of identity. As this organization aims to prevent children to fall victim of sex-traffickers, it is important to talk about this subject. This starts with basic understanding of another subject that we have to teach, namely ‘Sexual and reproductive health’.

  • Sexual and reproductive health

A specialized organization came to teach sexual and reproductive health education. The sexuality education class taught our students the names of the sexual parts of the body and bodily functions in order to help them to communicate more clearly and thus contributes to their safety and wellbeing. But also more difficult subjects have been discussed, such as intimate relationships, sexual orientation, abstinence and contraception. And most important, the children were thought reproductive rights and responsibilities, to help prevent and reduce the risks of adolescent pregnancy, HIV, and sexually transmitted infections. Hence, ultimately they will be able to protect themselves from human trafficking in Greater Mekong Region.


  • Music class with Khlui

Since our children got their own traditional Thai bamboo flute, the Khlui, they have learned note reading and finger placement. So they are able to not only make beautiful sounds, but also play simple music completely. As they found their own voices and practice it patiently, we will soon hear beautiful traditional Khlui songs.

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  • Art & drawing Class

The photograph class finished successfully and we are so proud of the amazing accomplishments and grateful for the amazing volunteer teachers. Through their camera lenses, they would understand their worlds, its people and they have learned how to communicate this to the outside world through a different form of communication. After the photograph class, our children have started the mural painting of some of their pictures. The students will select their favorite photos and paint on the wall their own story and view.


Check out the below video clip how they made great photos.

Kahlil Gibran, Lebanese artist, philosopher and writer said that education is a bow, and child is a living arrow which can be sent forth. We have a strong faith in that our education will decide a major part of our children’s future lives and their quality of happiness. Education is the key to prevent human trafficking and it can cut the link of poverty in this generation. Therefore, as the archer, we will target at the path of infinite, shot our precious arrows to go swift and far, and admire the trajectory of arrow silently and patiently.



Lets talk about World Development Information Day!

Today, October 24, is World Development Information Day, a day very close to our hearts here at DEPDC. The day was first declared in 1972 by the UN General Assembly as a time to raise and discuss issues to do with development, like poverty and education. It also deliberately coincides with United Nations Day, 24 October, which, in 1970, was the same day that the International Development Strategy for the Second United Nations Development Decade was adopted. As you can see there’s a lot of history to this day and its desire to make the world a better place, so we thought we’d do our part to get involved!

Thailand has made great strides in development in the last 50 years, and since the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 Thailand has steadily continued making progress. Some people and institutions around the world, including the International Monetary Fund, have now even taken Thailand off of the list of developing countries, calling it a ‘middle-advanced country’ or ‘a newly industrializing country’. As part of this, Thailand has been moving away from being only a recipient of international aid towards providing some aid to developing countries itself, such as to its neighbours in the Greater Mekong Subregion. However, although this is admirable and although progress is definitely being made, there is still a lot of developing to do, and many people have decided to keep Thailand on their lists of developing countries.

We’d like, then, to congratulate Thailand on its considerable efforts so far, but not lose sight of the things Thailand still needs to work on, among which two things are particularly important to us here at DEPDC – poverty and education. Sadly, here at Mae Sai and at our other sites at Chiang Khong and Mae Chan, poverty is a serious issue. For instance, Patak village, in which Half Day School is embedded, has poor families who cannot afford basic access to clean water and food, adequate homes and sanitation, and certainly not education. We do our best to provide those things to the kids from Patak village who come to study at Half Day School, providing them with not only education, but also clean lunch, bathrooms, drinking water, etc.

This is important, since education is the key to escaping poverty, but that possibility is often taken away from poor communities because poverty prevents them from getting the educations they need. In that way, we see a clear link between poverty and education and have tried our best to use it to our advantage in fighting poverty by educating kids so they have the tools to improve their lives and hopefully making them less vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking. However, although we’re extremely proud of our work and the successes we continue to achieve, it is a large and insidious problem which requires lots of help to solve.

That’s where our friends come in! We are constantly designing projects and improving our techniques for helping children, especially our own sons and daughters at DEPDC. These programs and projects bring food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, medicine to the sick, education to the poor, and opportunities to the underprivileged. They take time, energy and support, and our generous donors play a huge role in everything we do. So please, if you are able to contribute to our programs, we and our children will be extremely grateful, and together we can keep Thailand developing towards an ever-brightening future.


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