New Project Brings New Hope

New Project Brings New Hope

Two thousand eighteen has only just begun and already it is proving to be a year full of hope and promise. We are excited to share that DEPDC/GMS’s new project, Shan Youth Safety Training to End Risk Migration (SYSTERM) will officially commence this Saturday, January 20th with 55 bright beings arriving at our headquarters in Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai, Thailand.


The Development and Education Program for Daughters and Communities Centre in the Greater Mekong Subregion (DEDPC/GMS) is a non-profit organization working towards the prevention of human trafficking and exploitation of at-risk youth and women. DEPDC/GMS is strongly committed to affecting change through protection, education, awareness, life-skills training, and empowerment. Over the course of 28 years, DEPDC has served over 7,000 of the most vulnerable women and children in this region. Through DEPDC’s time tested approach, that has proven to be successful, we continue to strive to broaden and expand our outreach. SYSTERM is one more step in increasing protection and services for at-risk women and children.

Regional migration is increasing and migration trends and policies have created a dangerous environment for thousands, particularly for stateless women and children. Human traffickers have created hubs along the Thai-Myanmar border and within the GMS in order to prey upon those most vulnerable. Awareness of the gravity of this issue ignited the development of SYSTERM. DEDPC/GMS’s founder, Sompop Jantraka, and team members realized that action was needed and that the time to act is now.

This last November, DEPDC/GMS organized an introduction and open discussion forum around the SYSTERM project. There were several dozen people present from likeminded organizations and universities all across Thailand, as well as several who travelled internationally in order to attend. These passionate, driven people arrived with the aspiration to contribute their professional experience and/or human resources to the development of SYSTERM. DEPDC/GMS was honoured and encouraged. Their attendance and desire to help is testimony to the importance of this project.

The goal of SYSTERM is to provide 100 at-risk, stateless migrants with intensive leadership training with a focus on safe migration. The project will support the willing youth to build self-help projects in their country of origin in either independent groups or with the support of carefully-selected host organisations. The project will be broken into two separate six month periods, training a group of around 50 youth participants during each period. It is our hope that this grassroots project in conjunction with a specialised curriculum taught by experienced professionals will organise, prepare, and build the next generation of anti-human trafficking leaders and organisations.

Projects like SYSTERM are made possible because of our donors. Donations to support the second group of 50 willing youth are still needed as the project is only half funded. Your donations bring these projects to life and provide never before had opportunities for at-risk youth to learn vital skills that affect change more than we can imagine.

Supporting SYSTERM supports a global impact and change to end human trafficking. The ripple effects of your generosity give hope for a brighter future. A future that shifts the paradigm that leads to human trafficking. A future that embraces equality, rights, and empowerment. To say thank you hardly feels fitting. From all of the staff, volunteers, and students of HDS and SYSTERM, we offer our most sincere gratitude. Here’s to a great year! We look forward to sharing more with all of you as the year continues.

Here are some ways you can support the Shan Youth Safety Training to End Risk Migration (SYSTERM).

Donate or Fundraise


Spread the Word


Beginning of the rainy season

As some of you all know, two weeks ago the rainy season has started. And that means, you’ve guessed it, rain.  After months with lots of sun and heat, the rain is welcomed like an old friend. The temperature is going down during the rain, but after it quickly rises again. The storm blows away the smoke that accumulates in this valley, which you can notice in the behavior of the children. They are more active and the boys are more active in playing football outside.1495696953405

The rain unfortunately also comes to show the repairs that needed to be done. During the first storm a tree fall down and took down a phone pole, fortunately it was quickly repaired by some local volunteers.  However the rain in the next days showed the holes in parts of the roof. Fortunately the holes aren’t located in a classroom, but it is causing a lot of water in the corridors. As can be seen in the pictures, the rain really pours down.  Repairs are needed; however this unfortunately does cost money. That is why we reach out to you all, our trusted readers and donators, in hope you will help repair the roof with your donations.1495696956281

Exams, end of term 2016/2017 working through the vacation and a call for volunteers

Exams and then on Thursday the 16th of March it was finally there again… the 2016/2017 school year at DEPDC’s Half Day School (HDS) has ended and our students began their holidays that will last until 15th of May. The teachers and administrative staff are wishing our students a happy holiday!

In the week preceding the vacation it was naturally time for their exams. They had exams in the main subjects and sometimes with surprising results. There were a few that really stood out amongst the rest, others showed the points were we as teachers could focus on in the next period. And then on Thursday they had a day of helping to clean the school terrain and have a little fun. There was shaved ice as a treat, of which some children went for a second, third and even a fourth portion. And we gave presents and gifts to our children for celebrating their achievements what they have done during this semester. IMG_1619


IMG_1622And now the HDS is closed for the summer period. But seeing that a lot of children’s parents are still working, DEPC/GMS helps to relieve strain on the families by providing two weeks of extra classes in English and Mathematics. This is popular not only amongst our students, but also amongst those from other schools. 30 children are following these classes, which focuses more on the fun and joy of English and math.


Even though the HDS is closed, DEPDC still functions as a community learning center and gives private English lessons to 2 high school students and 20 elementary school students. Besides this, there is a business focused English classes for an adult, who goes from Myanmar to Thailand 3 days a week specifically for these classes.

Swimming training and music activities will be done during the first week of April. Not only for the children of DEPC, but with other colleague organizations in the province. So you can see that despite the school year ending, we still stepping up and work towards a brighter future.



But all this work cannot be done without our dedicated staff and volunteers. And a new school year also means that we are in need of new volunteers. Are you, or do you know a person that would like to dedicate their time and love in this great work into stopping human trafficking through education, please contact us and fill out our form at:


Thank you for your donation and support to DEPDC/GMS in 2016

Someone once said that whatever we possess becomes of double value when we share it with others. Looking around us at the difference your support and donation have made to our projects, We know that to be true.

We really appreciate your support and donation in 2016
Wish that the new year bring to your warmth of love, and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination.
Happy New Year!


GlobalGiving Matching Campaign 16th September 2015

On 16th September 2015 GlobalGiving runs its final matching campaign this year. Beginning at 9am EDT (8pm ICT Bangkok; 3pm CEST Western Europe; 2pm BST British Isles) GlobalGiving will start to match all donations by 30% and up to 1000$ per individual donor per organization.

DEPDC/GMS + GlobalGiving

The campaign will run either until 16th of September 2015, 23:59:59 EDT, or until the total amount of $70,000 in matching funds has been distributed.

If you have been thinking about making a donation to DEPDC before, 16th September 2015 would be a good time to make your donation and use the chance of GlobalGiving’s matching campaign to increase the impact of your donation.

At the moment DEPDC has five projects live on GlobalGiving that can receive donations (to visit the project’s description at GlobalGiving’s website click the pictures):

Send 70 At-risk Children to School in Thailand:


Safe Shelter for 16 Children and Woman in Thailand:


Irrigation system for our School’s rice fields:


Literacy Training for an Ethnic Minority Community:


Help To Provide Lunch For Half Day School Students:


For more information about GlobalGiving’s matching campaign and policy please visit GlobalGiving’s website.

Finally all children, students, staff, and volunteers from DEPDC would like to thank all former, current, and future donors, whose kind donations made DEPDC’s work possible. Thank you so much!!!

The December 2013 Newsletter Is Here!

Inside this issue we talk about:newsletter

  • The recent World’s Children’s Prize event
  • The Mekong Regional Indigenous Child Rights Home and its projects;
  • Updates about recent activities at the Half Day School;
  • An interview with Khruu Somboon, a Teacher at the Half Day School;
  • DEPDC’s vision and the direction of its future projects;
  • .…and much more!

Download the newsletter here: December 2013

To read previous issues of our newsletter, please click on Newsletters in the menu bar at the top of this page.  We hope you will enjoy reading about DEPDC/GMS!  Please continue to spread the word about our mission and pass on the latest newsletter to your friends, colleagues, and family.

Happy World Food Day!

Yesterday was World Food Day. With the issue of hunger a problem that affects many of the children we serve, we decided to write a little post to keep our readers informed. The day was announced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 1979, first observed on October 16, 1981, and is a time to strengthen the political will to end hunger around the world. This is important not only in your own community or country but also around the world, because the solidarity which underlies the day is meant to grow and reach everyone and all hunger everywhere! It is one of the cogs in the machine that is working to one day eliminate hunger from the world and we are extremely happy to be talking about it.

 So, as we said, today is for talking about the issue of hunger and what we as a world community can do about it. To do our part, we wanted to take a little time out to talk about our lunch program at Half Day School. Food is important for kids. They need it to be able to play, and grow up healthy and strong. Sadly, many kids don’t have food to eat every day and may have to go hungry, including some of our kids at Half Day School. Indeed, many of our children who do have access to food at home either don’t eat breakfast in the mornings or still don’t get all the nutrition they need from the meals they’re given outside of school. 

In a recent post we mentioned that our lunch program gives kids a reliable meal Monday to Friday so they have energy to focus on learning and so they don’t have to worry about where their lunches will come from during the week. The meals are simple, but they give our students full bellies, big smiles and make a real difference in their physical and mental health, giving them one less thing to worry about in their daily lives. But it’s not always easy to pay for the food for the kids, so every donation made by you goes such a long way! 

We know hearing about these things is hard and it can feel like you’re too far away to have an impact, but you can do big things when lots of people work together in small but important ways. You could also help us continue to fund this amazing project by providing monetary donations and by following our Facebook and Twitter, using them to spread both awareness and information about our work to your friends and families. Thank you for reading! 

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The Half Day School Lunch Program needs your help!

The Half Day School Lunch Program provides lunch for hill tribe, stateless and underprivileged students at our school in Mae Sai..

Some of our students are not lucky enough to have a breakfast every morning and a dinner every evening. In some cases, this makes their lunch at Half Day School their main source of sustenance. We desperately want all of our students to be healthy and strong so they can focus on their education.

Funds donated towards this project will go directly into the buying of fresh, local ingredients to make healthy lunches daily for underprivileged students. These meals are extremely important to these children, after a nutritious lunch they are ready to focus on their lessons and the vocational skills classes that will equip them for the rest of their lives. 

Please support us in keeping the students healthy and happy and donate here , earmark your donation to go directly to the lunch program !  Thank you!



Success with Go Fund Me!

Dear family and friends, old and new,

The fundraising project has successfully reached and gone BEYOND its GOAL. The total amount raised was 1,230 EUROS! DEPDC would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who donated!! We are so excited by the great success of this fundraising project and deeply touched by everyone’s contribution. Thank you. Here is a message from Patricia, our volunteer who set up the fundraising project:

The fundraising project to renovate the bathroom area at DEPDC´s shelter home in Chiang Khong has come to an end.

I just wanted to send you a few lines, first of all to let you know about the end of this first phase of the fundraising project. Secondly, I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who have contributed to make this modest idea of mine a hopeful reality. It isn’t important whether you contributed 5 euros or 100. What is important to me is that you trusted me in this venture, and for that I will always be grateful to every single one of you.

I never could have imagined we would raise so much money in such a short period of time. Our initial goal of 500 euros was quickly surpassed thanks to word of mouth. As our project was mentioned in DEPDC´s blog, many more friends joined this cause and encouraged us to go further and aim at raising 1000 euros to ensure the work was done properly. And we not only managed to raise 1000 euros, we surpassed the goal in only a few days!!!


But now, keeping up with my promise to inform you about how the project develops, I would like you to know that the total amount raised is: 1,230 euros.

However, you should be aware that there are some charges to be added to this final amount:

1.       5% commission for

2.       3.4% Paypal Fees (paid by the receiver)

3.       Sending fees for Western Union (Paypal sends the amount raised to my Spanish bank account, and then I have the money transferred to Thailand through Western Union.)

I know most of you did not know about these extra charges, but I was well aware from the beginning. As the scope of the project was fairly small at the beginning, I thought this was the best way of doing it. I do not have a bank account here in Thailand, and since most of my friends and relatives would be paying in euros, I thought it was best to use my Spanish account.

Anyhow, I take responsibility for these charges and will pay them myself. This way, I will also make my little contribution to this project.

We will continue to keep everyone updated via the DEPDC blog! You will be seeing pictures before, during, and after construction. At the moment it is still the cool season in Thailand, and the girls are still living at the centre. We will probably start construction in March, when the weather is hotter (cement dries faster then) and when the girls go back home to visit their families.

Best regards to all,

Pat 🙂

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