IMG_20170619_112845Our organization does more than just teach the children English, Thai, Math etc. We provide them with guidance and an opportunity to learn further. But we also provide conditions for them to go to school, such as to provide shoes to the children thanks to donations as mentioned in a previous blog. Another condition we accommodate is providing food for the students, as their families are not able to do this.IMG_20170619_115405 One of the benefits of having volunteers from around the world is diversity in foods. In the past year we had a great Korean person that came specifically to cook an assortment of delicious food for the children. But most of the volunteers share the food from their countries during their time they teach. Peter, our Dutch volunteer for the past months, likes to cook in his free hours. Here he has been making a thick tomato soup together with some of the students this week. One of our deaf students was eager to show him the sign language of the vegetables.

IMG_20170619_112911 For a special event (soon to be mentioned more about this) Peter is making ‘Arretjes cake’, one of his local chocolate cakes for everyone.

Would you like to join us and share your own local recipes, whilst also helping our organization? Please let us know!


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