A latent update

It has been a few weeks since our last post; this is due to the summer vacation. However the teachers and volunteers aren’t enjoying the vacation, they keep busy with working to better the school. We do this by working on administration, try to apply for extra funds, write lesson plans and getting extra education. IMG_6290

The latter we have done by attending a meeting with other organizations, hosted by Child’s Dream foundation, where the needs of a SWOT-analysis and possible improvements to our organization were highlighted. These meetings aren’t meant to merely teach, but also to make connections and to observe the workings of other organization. IMG_6287(1)Seeing the other organizations we could see that we are exemplary in many ways, however there’s always room for improvement. One of our key features was that we are able to provide the children with an education which is accredited by the Thai government.  And this allows the student to continue their education to get the full 12 years of our elementary/middle school combined with education here and with education from the state. Our organization provides extra basic Thai language and mathematics, whilst providing vocational training to add skill for a lifetime. After which they can enroll into two years of state run high school, even though they lack papers. IMG_6270

Our vice principal presenting our findings

After these two years they have the possibility to go to university. And despite many children lack the ambition and family opportunity to stay in school after age of 16/18, the possibility for them remain and we encourage them to seize it. It’s great to see that the donations of everyone are able to provide such an education, such an opportunity for these children.

IMG_6288Picture of our volunteer Peter, giving a presentation on our organization. 


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