The Annual Summer Camp

Last week was a rather fun week, as it was once again time for the annual summer camp. The children were camping overnight on the school grounds. Of course it was very exciting for them, as there were a lot of activities planned, they were all fun, but some with serious themes. This camp gave the opportunity to discuss the more serious topics, whilst being in a safe environment. One of the first activities for the older children was the second lesson in sexual health, again taught by the same organization as last time. All the children were given raw eggs with their names on them and at the end of the camp they would show that they were responsible and give them back in one piece. Most children did return them, but some eggs did fall on the ground. Later in the day it was time to set up the tents and roll out the mats to prepare for the night. Most children had a hard time getting to sleep, but none the less they had to wake up early the next day as they had swimming lessons.img_20170221_101031

img_20170221_154524img_20170221_095323The children were divided into 3 groups, depending on their swimming abilities. Some were quite good and remembered their previous lessons. But the most of the children had to start at the very beginning. Beginning with peddling the water, whilst sitting on the side of the pool and slowly building up to peddle across on a foam rubber floaty. At the end of the day some of the beginners were even able to swim on their own thanks to all the teachers and volunteers who helped them. After a long day of swimming the children returned to the school grounds, where they got meals and some extra treats. In the evening there was a campfire and in its light games were played. They started with a clapping song and then a form of musical chairs.8031980333dscf9575dscf9574

The last day started with a team work game, where they one by one had to turn around until they were dizzy and then cross the field to fill a bottle with water from a spoon. This was a great way for the children to wake up and get ready for a new day. After the lunch another serious topic was discussed namely, domestic violence. After a lesson on the topic and discussing examples they were divided in groups where they had to make posters on that subject.dscf9559

So now after these three day and two nights of fun activities, learning important life skills and being able to discuss the harder subjects the camp came to a close. Once again we can look back on a successful camp and we are reminded on how we are able to do these thing thanks to your donations. That’s why we would like to thank you all for your support.dscf9597-2


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  1. Would be interested in knowing more about your activity with the raw eggs and how and what the kids took away from it. Sounds interesting.

    1. They were each handed an egg with their name on it, written by a teacher. They had to take care of that egg during the camp and made sure that they didn’t break them. The goal is to teach them how to be responsible and care for something as delicate as an egg. At the end every child is supposed to bring the egg back in one piece and they were rewarded with a round of applause. Those few who dropped the eggs had to apologize for dropping/breaking the egg. Some kids did see it more as a competition, but the goal remained the same.

  2. It is always wonderful to see the children learning and having fun, thank you.

    As a person that has worked almost all my life, to keep folk’s water clean and safe so folks could drink and enjoy it, I am concerned with the color of the water in the swimming pool. The green color is a sign of “Danger” to people that drink or use it on their skin.

    There are several easy ways to clear the water of bacteria and algae. Here is one video to show you how easy to make the water safe for the kids:

    For other ways to make the water safe for the kids just Google “clear green pool water”.

    If you would like our help, we will be in Northern Thailand around March 9th through June.


    Terry & Daeng

  3. Hello Terry and Daeng,
    Thank you for your concern regarding the swimming pool. We will keep your advice in mind, but do note that the water had been treated with chlorine and was safe to swim in. It was water from the local water supply and the PH was checked before hand. If you would see the opportunity to stop by during your trip, we would be delighted to receive you. Please e-mail to
    All the best,

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