A new class in New Year

This new year, our children at the DEPDC are busy learning in their new Photography class.

Thanks to the Y’all Art Project team, all students are understanding important design concepts such as texture, pattern, and composition in order to make their amazing photographs.


Danny, the co-founder of the Y’all Art Project said, “I strongly believe that teaching vocational skills alone is not enough to prevent children from entering the cycle. Along with vocational skills, the children must be armed with self- confidence. They must develop a sense within that they matter, that they are worthy, and that they are capable of creating the life they desire.”


These precious lessons provide each child with a unique opportunity to develop his or her eyes as an artist who can use photography to understand the visual world and communicate with others. Through the classes, we expect our children to develop their confidence as they grow in their capabilities and expend their creative thinking.


You can peek in on their photography lesson and appreciate their amazing photos.

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