Thailand’s New “Stop Violence” Campaign

On September 22 at 9:00AM, in front of the Mae Sai Municipality Office, the Thai government launched a campaign to stop all forms of violence against women and girls under the concept “Stop Violence…LET’S GO TO ASEAN 2016”. The campaign involved more than 100 students in Mae Sai and more than 8 NGO that were arranged into 5 parades and 3 orchestral bands.


DEPDC/GMS has decided to join this campaign, which aims to educate people and increase awareness about domestic and family violence. This campaign was initiated by her Royal Highness, Princess Bajrakitiyabha. She is aware of the people’s problems and suffering, especially concerning violence to women, both physically and mentally. Her motto is “Say No to Violence against Women” to mark her designation as a Goodwill Ambassador in Thailand.


Violence against women and girls is a very concerning issue in Thailand. Experts in the field of domestic violence counseling say that many statistics fail to show the full extent of the problem due to underreporting; a problem many other countries in the world face as well. Many of the minority ethnic group victims are less likely to seek help in the face of violence because of their lack of legal status, inability to properly communicate in Thai, and limited knowledge of their rights.


DEPDC/GMS focuses on education with hopes of solving the issues of human trafficking, child labor, teenage pregnancy, and various forms of violence against children and youth. In order to continue our work, we need your kind support, concern and help.  If you would like to give, please visit our project page at GlobalGiving.



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