The Rice is Growing!

Every year at the Half Day School, the students and teachers come together during the rainy season to plant rice. HDS grows their own rice to support the lunch program and help feed the students. Last year, the rice harvest was less than expected due to a dry rainy season. This year we are hoping for a better harvest.


Last week, the students harvested, cleaned and replanted the rice we had begun growing. Starting with a small plot the students, with the help of P’Noom, planted rice and allowed it to grow to create a start for the rest of the harvest. Once the rice grew to the proper size, as it was last week, all of the students and teachers got together for a full afternoon of harvesting.


All of our students worked to pull up the rice plants, clean the roots and bundle them together to make planting the next day easier. The next morning, all of them got back to work and replanted all of the rice plants from the day before. After the full day Friday, all three of the Half Day School’s rice paddies were filled with plants. Now we will wait for the next three months or so for the rice to grow to its full height. Come December the students will be able to enjoy all of their hard work!


Well… not all of our students helped out-a water filled paddy is too much fun to resist!



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