World Day against Child Labour 2016

On 12th of June the International Labour Organization (ILO) will celebrate the World Day against Child Labour. This holiday was introduced in 2002 to raise awareness and support activism against child labor.


“Child labour has no place in well-functioning and well regulated markets,or in any supply chain. The message that we must act now to stop child labour once and for all has been affirmed by the Sustainable Development Goals. Acting together, it is within our means to make the future of work a future without child labour.”
Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General

Two ILO conventions are tightly linked to the World Day against Child Labour; ILO Convention 138 (Convention concerning Minimum Age for Admission to Employment) from 1973 and ILO Convention 182 (Convention concerning the Prohibition and Immediate Action for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour) from 1999.

Convetion 138 regulates the minimum age of children being eligible for employment. It stipulates that the ratifying ILO members (Thailand ratified in 2004) can define the minimum legal employment age at their own discretion, but not below 15 (temporary exceptions as low as 14 can be made). Furthermore, it stipulates that children between 13 and 15 can do light labor that is not detrimental to their health and education and sets the minimum age for dangerous work at 18.

ILO Convention 182 forces all signatory ILO members to immediately prohibit and eliminate the worst forms of child labor (Thailand ratified in 2001). These are defined as all forms of slavery, including selling children, trafficking of children, debt bondage, and forced labor. Furthermore, it names commercial sexual exploitation of children (in form of child prostitution or child pornography), the use, procurement, or offering of a child for illegal activities, and work that is detrimental to the child’s health, safety, or moral as worst forms of child labor.

For us at DEPDC this is an important day, showing that not only people at the local level fight agains child labor and any form of child exploitation, but that it is also a topic of international importance up to the highest levels.

We would like to thank all our supporters during the past 25 years and in the future without whose donations, work, and moral encouragement DEPDC’s work would not have been possible.


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