Happy World Milk Day!


June 1st is World Milk Day and this year marks the 15th annual celebration. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) created this day to focus worldwide attention onto milk and the milk industry. Thailand is one of the many countries that participate in these celebrations every year.

PrintEven though Thailand celebrates World Milk Day every year, this year will be an extra special celebration. The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC) will hold an activity for World Milk Day in Bangkok with the theme “Dairy Cow Farming: Royally Bestowed Occupation” to celebrate the 70th anniversary of His Majesty the King’s ascension to the throne. The event will promote the consumption of milk as well as the milk industry here in Thailand.

IMG_6288Thailand had already placed an importance on milk before World Milk Day by establishing the National Milk Drinking Campaign Board (NMDCB) in 1985. This programme started from an excess of unsold milk and allowed parents to purchase milk at 25% less than normal in certain areas for their children in Primary and Kindergarten schools. From this programme, it has been expanded into the national School Milk Programme of Thailand. From this programme, schools are given either fresh milk, which is required to stay cold, or UHT (Ultra-high-temperature processed) milk that does not need to be stored and lasts longer, depending on their contract. With this milk, all children in public schools are now given 200mL of free milk every day for the 200-day school year, as well as the 30 holiday days that fall during that time.

IMG_6286DEPDC/GMS is unable to become a part of the national School Milk Programme due to the fact that it is not a government run school. This is why the lunch programme is so important to our students. It allows us to provide our students with the nutrition we can and even though they do not get free milk, they are getting a meal! We would like to thank everybody, past, present and future donors for their support of our mission in fighting human-trafficking through education. Without your sponsorship DEDPC’s work would not be possible. In case you would like to donate to our lunch programme, please visit our project page at GlobalGiving.


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