CRPC a year on – what has changed

The Mekong Child Rights Protection Centre Chiang Khong (M-CRP) was founded by DEPDC/GMS in 2006. It’s mission is to prevent trafficking through education and provision of a safe environment.  During the restructuring process initiated in 2013, M-CRP became independent as Child Rights Protection Centre Chiang Khong (CRPC) in July, 2015. This is an update on CRPC’s work one year after it’s independence by CRPC’s international volunteer Maia Mounsher. DEPDC wishes CRPC all the best for it’s future development. 

In the year since CRPC started becoming an independent organization, a lot has changed. From seven residents last year, we have increased to twelve daughters who came to live at the shelter just five days ago. Four of our daughters from last year will stay on here at the shelter, while the others have gone on to continue their studies in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. One of our daughters will be entering University this year.


CRPC has continued to provide safe shelter, life skills education, and lots of fun activities for the most at-risk youth in Chiang Khong. As well as a shelter for girls, CRPC has also been sponsoring the education of several boys and girls who live in the community, and providing basic necessities such as food, clothing, and medication to poor families in the region.

The movement against human trafficking and for human rights is still strong in Chiang Khong, and with the introduction of a special economic zone on the horizon, it is more important than ever. CRPC has been working on several projects and campaigns to fight for the rights of children and women. We also collaborate with our partners Center for Girls and Kiang Rim Khong to provide educational workshops on sexual health and HIV prevention.


Our newest residents have been here less than a week but are already starting to feel at home. We are planning lots of exciting and educational activities that will allow the daughters to explore the world and learn valuable life skills.

Child Rights Protection Centre Chiang Khong

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