HDS’s Camping Trip


Just one week after HDS’s school term was over, our students went for the annual life-skill training camping trip. This year’s camp took place at the Tum Luang-Khun Naam Naang Norn Forest Park.

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This year not only our Half Day School’s students joined the camp, but also the older children from the Swimming Home Shelter at Mae Chan. Altogether 29 students participated in the camp and had a chance to learn valuable skills that will benefit them later in life.

During the time of the camp, students and teachers stayed in tents at a meadow in the jungle close to the park’s headquarters. For the five days of the camp the students and teachers did all tasks themselves; setting up the camp, cooking, cleaning, and getting supplies.

Furthermore the time at the camp was filled with different activities and trainings. This year’s training focused on public speaking and community studies that will enable the participants to become self confident community leaders for their own home communities.

Additional life skills are obtained during the daily routine of camp. The students honed their cooking skills and practiced responsible behavior while planning and following their food schedule. They got their food ration once at the beginning of the camp and were responsible for planning and preparing their food on their own. This required good planning and discipline.


The group life in the camp requires the students to cooperate, show community friendly behavior, and find peaceful conflict resolving solutions. All these are skills that our students will benefit from in the future.

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Even though education fills a major part of the schedule, fun activities like games and nature trips are an important part of the camp and make our children enjoy the time out in nature.


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