Meet an International Intern: Loung!

I am Mr. Aik Loung Hseng, originally from Keng Tung, Eastern Shan State, Union of Myanmar. I am studying at Rangsit University’s, department of the “Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS)”, majoring in “International Relations and Development (IRD)”. I have been doing my internship here at DEPDC/GMS for over one month. I will be here until the end of April to complete my three month internship for my Bachelor Degree.

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I travel across the Thai-Burma border at Mae Sai-Tachileik very often but I didn’t know that there is such a good organization like DEPDC working on preventing human trafficking and providing education for migrant children and children who have family problems, their parents separated, and some don’t have enough money to send them to school. Until one day when I was at university and started research on the internet for an organization in Mae Sai that accepts volunteers.  I found the DEPDC Blog, and I became really interested to volunteering here. I was especially interested in the program that teaches children at the Half Day School in the morning and working in the office in the afternoon. So I applied and I was lucky to get a chance to do my internship here.

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I really like working here at DEPDC/GMS because I have met such nice, kind, lovely and friendly staff, teachers, and students. And I am so happy to see children have a chance to study, even though they are migrant children and some of them don’t have an ID Card. Normally, these kinds of children face difficulties in having opportunities to study because many schools will not easily accept them. It’s a good opportunity for children to have a center or school like DEPDC. It’s a place that can change the children’s future for the better. Some people have asked me, “If you want to help your people why do you go to do it in Thailand, why not in Myanmar?”. I told them that the organization where I work now, even though it’s located in Thailand,  most of the students have heritage from the Shan State who migrate to Thailand and some of them come directly from the Myanmar side to the school every day. So working here can not only help Myanmar migrant children but also can help Thai children too.

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My job as an intern here is to help the director of administration, help with the agriculture project in the evening, repair the building in my free time, sometimes help the international department teach English at the Half Day School, write reports to donors, attend meetings, and help the Half Day School if there is work.  I have learnt a lot and gained many new experiences from doing my internship at DEPDC/GMS.



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