Agricultural Program Update!

This last November we had our very first rice harvest! It was a lot of work but the hard work definitely paid off and now the students are on to expanding their skills in the trade of farming and harvesting. The weather has been perfect in Mae Sai; not too hot and not too cold. Perfect conditions for being outside and learning through hands on experiences.

After the rice was harvested in November the fields were tilled and prepared for a new round of planting. Thanks to a very generous donation from the Kulczyk Foundation, the first steps in building an irrigation system have already been completed.  With the soil ready and part of the irrigation system in place the students, with director Khun Noom leading them, have planted radishes, zucchinis, Chinese Kale, beans, leeks, beet roots, pumpkins, tomatoes and many other vegetables! The students have also created an organic, self- sustaining fertilizer that is completely non-hazardous.

blog picsAs with any new endeavor, they have run into a few difficulties. Some of the vegetables seem to be thriving while others struggle to grow. After the first couple of nights some of the Chinese Kale had magically disappeared! After a little investigation and a chance encounter we now know it was a pigeon. Despite these difficulties, though, the students have already been able to see what their hard work and commitment provides them. A few of the different vegetables have already been used in the HDS’s lunch program and with the crops still young there is promise of a lot more delicious vegetables to enjoy!

blog picsThis program is continuing to teach the students valuable life skills lessons that can be applied to many different areas of their lives. For this reason we would like to extend a special thank you to all the donors that have made this possible.

There are still many different projects that are in need of funding. If you are interested in giving a donation please click the link here to see where and how your donations can be used to continue to support our at-risk children in Northern Thailand. Thank you for reading!


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