An ordinary day at the Swimming Home

This might sound a bit boring at first, but for many of you, this is something you do not know much about. What does the children at the Swimming Home do everyday? When do they start their day? When do they come home after school? What sort of activities do they do? Do they have any daily duties? Here is your answer!

P’Kwaang wakes up the children at 6 am every school day. It is then time to get ready for school, while some of the older children might do some agricultural work. Some of the children help P’Kwaang in the kitchen preparing breakfast. When all this is done, they can enjoy a self made breakfast after their morning showers. As most children and youths, they have to be rushed to school even though they wake up two hours before it starts.12422483_10153686900287419_1641766249_o

They are back from school around 4 pm every day. At this time of year, they get an hour be themselves before they join the English activity group at 5 pm. Normally, they have a swimming lesson with P’Kwaang every afternoon after school. They learn how to swim properly, they get to play around in the water and feel the healing power of water surrounding them. During this cold season, it is too cold for the children to participate, so we hope the weather gets a bit warmer again soon.20150805_161250 - Copy

The English activity group consists of games and songs, trying to make it more fun to learn English. There are some writing activities as well, to make them remember the vocabulary better. They are all gathered in one group, which makes the range of levels quite big. The older kids are of big help looking after the youngest and helping them do the different activities. They serve almost like substitute teachers.


After the English activity group, they have some time to do what they wish. The youngest prefer playing around, pretending to be superheroes or play football. The youth spend a lot of time reading.20150909_185643

Their homework is done both before and after dinner, depending on the workload. As with breakfast, some of the children help out in the kitchen to make dinner. All of this fills up the day, it is not much time left.  All that needs to be done is to take a shower and go to bed around 9 pm. Is it much different from what you would expect?


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