Mushroom project at HDS

A monk named Phra Vacharatap has come from the Wat Phrom Wihan temple in Mae Sai to start his own mushroom growing project at HDS. He’s been growing naang fah kao mushrooms since the start of November, all of which either go directly to the lunch program to help feed the kids, or are sold at a local market by the mum of one of our daughters so that the proceeds can be used as donations for HDS.


They grow extremely quickly and have to be harvested and used within 2 days of being ready, so it’s been very busy work! The project has produced at least 50kg of mushrooms so far in only a short time. Some of our older boys helped to build the mushroom plantation, and we’re really proud to see them using the life skills they’ve learned at HDS to help grow food that directly helps to support them and their fellow students.

mushroom plantation

In addition to the rice harvesting project at HDS, the mushroom project is part of our broader goal to develop the self-sustainability of our center. This is extremely important to us because, although we deeply appreciate the generous support which many of you give, we know that times can be tough for everyone and we can’t rely on outside support alone. It’s also an excellent way to show the kids how they can be independent and self-sufficient in their own lives, which is both a life skill and a source of empowerment, particularly for our young daughters.


But even so, your support is crucial for helping us to pursue projects like this, and we couldn’t be here and do this without you, so thank you. If you would like to support HDS and the projects like the mushroom project, please visit two of our ongoing projects on GlobalGiving: one to help us buy an irrigation system for future harvests and self-sustainability, and the other to help support the lunch program. We would deeply appreciate donations to either, but there are currently no donations for the irrigation system, so if you could please donate to that you’d be helping us to build a sustainable future.

We wish you all the best over this coming holiday and New Year period and thank you for reading!


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