Rice harvesting self-sustainability project

Four months ago, the father of Khun Noom, one of the directors at DEPDC/GMS, came to HDS with a lifetime of experience growing rice to show the staff and students how it’s done. He taught them how to sow, grow and harvest 9-10 bags of their own rice, all of which was done organically. The rice will now be used for HDS’s lunch program over the following months, providing much-needed sustainability in a time of global economic uncertainty.

The project wasn’t without its difficulties, including a major battle with worms that wanted to keep the crops for themselves! But the staff and students drove them off and learned valuable lessons and skills in the process. This was the first time they’ve attempted to grow their own rice, but now they have the skills and knowhow it definitely won’t be the last.


The kids did a great job, helping the teachers to cut, bundle and thresh the rice, which is now ready to be sent off to the rice mill to be prepared for cooking and eating. They learned a lot and had a lot of fun, taking valuable life skills from the experience and learning valuable lessons about empowerment and self-sustainability. Given how especially vulnerable young girls can be, this is particularly important for our young daughters here at DEPDC/GMS.

Thank you for reading and a special thank you to everyone whose donations help to make programs like this possible. Your donations mean important lessons, fun times and full stomachs!

If you would like to make a donation, please visit two of our ongoing projects on GlobalGiving: one to help us buy an irrigation system for future harvests and self-sustainability, and the other to help support the lunch program. We would deeply appreciate donations to either, but there are currently no donations for the irrigation system, so if you could please donate to that you’d be helping us to build a sustainable future.


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