A Helping Hand

Often, you give to others what you seek and need from others yourself. In this case, I believe it is true. I have repeatedly seen the children at the Swimming Home caring for and helping each other, caring for and helping animals and caring for and helping other people, myself included.

I came home after dinner one night, and started talking with some of the older children. They were eager to know more about me, to learn more English words and to tell about themselves. They were quite fascinated by the moon, and started to tell vampire stories. Not that I understood half of it. I told them I like the light from the full moon, because then it isn’t so dark around me in the nighttime. I struggled my way through telling them this in Thai, but obviously they understood what I had told them, cause moments later they followed me to my room. We said good night, gave each other a hug, and went different ways. What I realized when I came into my room was that they didn’t turn off all the lights outside during that night. That was highly appreciated! It was so thoughtful of them to care about this grown up foreigner that doesn’t like the total darkness in the nighttime.

cat rescueThe other day, we heard some noises from one of the rooftops. It turned out, one of the cats was stuck there and couldn’t get down on his own. The children rushed to the building, trying to help him down. One of the children climbed up on the roof and another one climbed up a tree to help out catching her on the way down. The cat refused to go down this way, she held tight to the girl on the roof. In the end, we found a bag to put him in, and then slowly got him down on the ground. All the children were involved in some way or another, wanting to help the cat down.

Our newest family member who is only two years old, has also gotten to feel how these children give of themselves all the time. He has always someone around him, either to help him eat, walk around with him, play with him or put him to sleep. They just care so much. They are so alert and knows exactly what to do in every possible situation. I truly believe he has found a perfect home, where he’ll grow up knowing that many people love him.

What you seek is often what you give.wpid-20150902_1920202.jpg.jpeg


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