Wai Khru Ceremony at DEPDC’s Half Day School

On 11th of June, DEPDC’s Half Day School (HDS) celebrated this years Wai Khru Ceremony. This ceremony gives the students the opportunity to show gratitude to their teachers and to apologize for misbehavior.

Offering of flowers, candles, and joss sticks to HDS's teachers.
Offering of flowers, candles, and joss sticks to HDS’s teachers.

The Wai Khru Ceremony is normally held on a Thursday, shortly after the beginning of a new school year and is meant to establish a formal relationship between students and teachers. Today’s ceremony originates from old Indian and animistic traditions and has chiliads old history.

The modern form of the Wai Khru Ceremony was first introduces at Triam Udom Suksa School (Bangkok) in 1941 and since than has spread all over Thailand. Today the ceremony is held at nearly all schools in the country once a year.

HDS also celebrates this ceremony once a year. The actual ceremony is held during the morning and in the afternoon HDS’s students sing on stage and perform short plays that they write themselves. The main difference between the way HDS performs the ceremony and the mainstream way is that, unlike from other schools all students will have a chance to pay homage and respect to the teachers and not only some representatives. That also gives every student a chance to apologize to their teachers for misbehavior.


The ceremony starts by paying respect to Buddha by lighting candles and joss sticks. The students then sing the song Phra Khun Ti Sam (The Third Caregiver). After the song is finished, one of the teachers gives a short speech giving advice and blessing to the students. After that the ceremony itself begins and all students in small groups will come to the teachers and present flowers, candles, and joss sticks. After this, the students receive the teachers blessings and the ceremony is over.

After a lunch break HDS’s students present short self written plays and singing during the afternoon.



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