Meet an International Volunteer: James!

The International Department would like to introduce James. He joins us along with Caoimhe, in April from Cork, Ireland. Like Caoimhe, James is also here serving his university placement. They share the same course, International Development and Food Policy. Since his arrival, James has been involved in grant searching, report writing and will be teaching when the new term starts.


With the University course that I had chosen, it has already opened my eyes to issues that surround us at all times however having arrived here I am glad to be given the opportunity to dig even deeper into the rights issues and violations. I grew up in Saudi Arabia, living there for the best part of 15 years, before moving to Ireland to finish off my schooling. Thanks to this, human rights have always surrounded me as it can be considered a major issue in Saudi Arabia. I had travelled to Thailand several times before with my family and to be able to come back leave a positive mark on the place I came to respect was an opportunity I wanted to grasp. It has been a great experience coming to learn what the northern side of Thailand is like.

Thus far I have had a great time, getting to know my co-workers and witnessing the hard work that goes into the everyday mission here in Mae Sai. The challenge of learning Thai and adapting to the everyday norms here has been thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to my time ahead here.


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