Thai PBS visit at Chiang Khong Safe Shelter

On January 24th and 25th a group from Thai PBS, a major Thai TV station, came to DEPDC’s Chiang Khong shelter to do a short film workshop.

2015-01-24 14.57.30

This year’s workshop was the second one organized in a cooperation of local NGOs with Thai PBS. Besides DEPDC, two other NGOs from Chiang Rai Province participated in the workshop’s organization. Krong Gaan Kiang Rim Kong (Project at the Mekong Riverbank) from Huai So, Chiang Khong District, and Suun Puea Nong Ying (Center for Girls) from Mae O, Phan District, both in Chaing Rai Province.

On Saturday morning, the workshop’s participants received introductory lessons into creative writing, acting, video and audio equipment, and recording. The afternoon was taken up by creative writing and acting training.

On Sunday, three groups of five girls produced their own short movies that will be edited and finalized with the support of Thai PBS’s staff.

The short movies this year will be focusing on ‘Commercial sexual exploitation of children’ (CSEC).

Last year’s short movie (please find youtube-link attached below [Lahu with Thai and English subtitles]) was produced by five girls from DEPDC’s Chiang Khong shelter and is called Stories from a Diary. The movie tells the story of Nagaya’s difficult transition from junior high school to senior high school. It mainly focused on the dichotomy between the dream of studying on to find a good job in the future and the necessity to support the family income by dropping out of school and going to work in one of the big cities now.


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