Enough Christmas Letters to Last a Lifetime


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Addie Lynn, 6, is a little girl who lives in Utah. She has a terminal disease, and when her family found out this may be her last Christmas, they started a project: give Addie a lifetime of Christmas cards and letters. Children and Earth Inc., a non-profit organization assisting with the project, says so far thousands of letters have been pouring in to the P.O. box each day!

Addie says her favorite type of card to receive is a home made one, so K1 (Kindergarten), G1 (Grade 1), and G2 (Grade 2) students at DEPDC/GMS Half-Day School each wrote her a letter. To help, the teacher wrote a prompt for the students to copy, but the students were given free rein to design their letter however they wanted. That being said, a Christmas theme was encouraged.

The English teacher in charge of this project had this to say, “When I had the kids do the ‘Hand Turkey’ project, I noticed a lot of them wrote that they were thankful for their good health. I thought this Christmas-themed project would be the perfect opportunity to them to show kindness to someone who is not as lucky as they are in that area. The love and effort put into each letter written was amazing to watch.”

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If you would like to send Addie Lynn a Christmas card, here is the address to do so:

Addie Lynn and Sisters

P.O. Box 162

Fountain Green, UT 84632





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