Science Exhibitions & More!

Thailand celebrated its annual National Science Day on 18th August to commemorate the prediction and observation of a solar eclipse on 18th August 1868 by His Majesty King Mongkut (1804-1868).  This year’s National Science Day theme was:  ‘Inspire innovative ideas for life development through science and technology.’

Schools throughout Thailand celebrated this day with special activities for students that fell under this theme.  Our Half Day School was no exception!

Half Day School teachers organized special activities for the day.  In previous years, we celebrated by going on a field trip to Chiang Rai Rajabhat University or to Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai Province.  This year, however, offered a special opportunity to our students throughout the week following National Science Day.

Half Day School students learn about the scientific aspects of art.

A local secondary school, Mae Sai Prasitsart School, organized an academic competition on 21st and 22nd August.  Secondary students from all over Chiang Rai Province and adjacent provinces participated in the competition, which included subjects like health, chemistry, mathematics, nutrition, Thai language, and foreign languages.  About 40 of our HDS students from Grade 1 through 5 went to watch the event on the first day.  Our students also got to see some exhibitions that had been set up especially for the event!  After an interesting day full of information, our students ended it by spending some time exercising at a nearby fitness park before they returned to the Half Day School.

Fun with the mechanical power of bike riding!

If you would like to find out more about how to support our Half Day School program’s activities, its Global Giving fundraising page offers background information on the Program and how donations can be used.  Many thanks for your keen interest and kind support! 


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