A New Wall for the English Classroom !

There were some delightful changes in the English classroom over the summer break at the Half Day School in Mae Sai. Eléa, an International Volunteer from France, took on a redesign of the English classroom wall as an extra project. 28 tins of paint, over 100 hours of work, 5 paintbrushes, a pair of headphones dropped in fresh paint, and 6 ruined t-shirts later… And the results are in!

wall final1

With the help of Aaron and Matthew, two other International Volunteers at DEPDC/GMS in Mae Sai,  Eléa sanded the wall and put on a few undercoats. But it wasn’t until the children went away for the summer break that she started painting, finally finishing the last details just in time for their return to school.

The wall integrates an interactive board that the students can use to build sentences with the help of Velcro bands. Banks of words are also included in the design to help students to remember important vocabulary and improve their comprehension of the English language.

Most of our Half Day School students come from difficult backgrounds. Their school environment is like a second home, so it is important that we provide an inviting and caring atmosphere in the classrooms where our children learn and grow. Eléa hopes that the new wall can contribute to this aim. She further comments:

“It is always good to expand our educational resources to provide our teachers with innovative tools and to help our students make progress. I am very happy with the result and I hope that everyone at the Half Day School has a productive and fun time with it!”

Details of the wall


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