Back to School !

Here in Mae Sai, the Half Day School has started the new school year. The students are back from their summer break and it’s great to once again have the Centre filled with the sounds of fun and learning, which we’ve all missed while the kids were away.

Academic classes and vocational training have resumed and the Centre – where the Half Day School is located – is again filled with the new and improving abilities of the children. The morning air carries the scent of food as children learn and help to cook for themselves and their classmates. The sound of tools attests the new projects and continuing improvements around the Centre. This gives the children the opportunity to learn and to help preserve the second home where their days are made brighter. Among the many other life skills and vocational training classes going on, the agriculture site (pictured below) stands a lush green. The field is located just outside the Centre building and has begun to soak up the seasonal rainfall.  Students and staff members diligently maintain the agriculture site throughout the school year.


Last but not least, the games and spontaneous fun of happy, carefree children have returned. Badmintons fly between friends, whose games are driven more by enjoyment than rules. Soccer balls curve and score to shouts of success and broad, delighted smiles. Volleyballs rise and fall to a chorus of laughs; the score less important than having fun with friends, trying their best and surpassing their own abilities. And the sun sets each day, splashing baby blues, inviting oranges, deep purples, and delicate pinks across the sky, as it watches the children return home with warm hearts, light minds, and the promise of an approaching tomorrow.

To the children, and particularly the new additions who’ve come to join the school program, welcome! You’ve been sorely missed. To the staff, thank you for how hard you continue to work and good luck with the new school year. We’re sure it will be a year to match our past successes. And to all of the supporters of the Half Day School and DEPDC/GMS, thank you for your kind attention and generosity.

If you would like to donate to, or learn more about, the Half Day School program or DEPDC/GMS, please visit the Donate page on our blog. If you would like to help us spread the word about our programs and the wonderful work they continue to do, please help us by sharing our posts and letting people know about DEPDC/GMS. And if anyone would like to join the fun directly and become an International Volunteer, don’t hesitate to send an email to our International Volunteer Coordinator at Together, we look forward to another fun-filled and successful year!



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