Meet an International Volunteer: Genevieve!

The International Department would like to introduce Genevieve, who joined our organization in February. Genevieve is an international affairs and political science student from the United States and has an interest in applying her non-profit and teaching experiences to help develop DEPDC/GMS in a way which supports our mission statement and vision. Genevieve brings with her the enthusiasm for youth development and human rights and wishes to contribute to several aspects of the organization such as grant writing, teaching English, fundraising, among others. Over the last four weeks, Genevieve has started an after school yoga program, worked on fundraising, and has contributed to social media. She is elated to have the opportunity to support the DEPDC/GMS mission.


“My academic career has been characterized by a fascination with human rights and social justice issues. Throughout my studies I have explored issues of human trafficking and exploitation as well as methods of prevention. As a student of Northeastern University I have had the privilege to develop skills in education, research, and writing through my classes as well as the University’s cooperative education program. Through the coop program, I had previously worked in an education and outreach position at a small San Francisco based public health NGO as well as a public school in Massachusetts. Through these experiences, I have become increasingly engaged in issues stemming from income disparities and global inequities. For my final coop, I was given the option to apply to volunteer at DEPDC/GMS and was immediately intrigued.

“As soon as I began researching DEPDC/GMS, I knew that it was a good fit for my interests and experience. After years of engaging in “arm-chair” speculation, I was excited by the prospect of volunteering at an organization that has played a significant role in preventing sex-trafficking and other forms of exploitative labor. The staff and directors at DEPDC/GMS are clearly very passionate and very knowledgeable about these issues. I agree strongly with the emphasis that DEPDC/GMS places on prevention and education. Throughout my own work, volunteer, and personal experiences, I have seen first hand the transformative power of education.

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the mission of DEPDC/GMS and learn from the collective knowledge of the organization. I love working with the students and I am truly enjoying my experience here thus far. I feel that working in the field to support such an effective organization is truly a life-altering experience.”


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