Half Day School Graduation Day in Mae Sai

Graduation day at the Half Day School in Mae Sai is a celebration of our students’ achievements and marks the beginning of a new journey for many of them. Since 1989, DEPDC/GMS has focused on prevention against human trafficking by providing free education to children at-risk of being trafficked or children whose families cannot afford school fees. For all the teachers and volunteers at the Half Day School (HDS), it means a lot to see these students complete 7 years education with us. They now have the necessary resources to become more independent and to stay safe in the future. 

DEPDC/GMS wants to congratulate our fairly small but incredibly intelligent class of 2014! The school year ended last Friday for all students, and yesterday we were proud to honour nine graduates from our Half Day School (HDS) program. The graduates were very happy to complete their education at the Half Day School, though they also felt a little sad to leave their friends.

This year for graduation day, parents of all the G6 class students were invited to spend the morning celebrating their children’s success. Some of the other HDS students performed traditional dances for the graduating students, while gifts and snacks were distributed among all the children who were cheering for their peers.

The graduation ceremony took place in the main hall, where the stage had been decorated with balloons and festive banners. A speech was given by some of the HDS teachers to congratulate and encourage all students who worked hard  at school this past year. After many kind words, all HDS teachers and volunteers as well as the parents came up on stage and sat in a circle around the students. Teachers and parents tied up a bracelet around each student’s wrist while congratulating them and wishing them the best of luck in the future.

Our G6 students were then covered in small gifts, such as necklaces, sweets, flowers, snacks, drawings, cards… And everyone hugged each other as we said good bye. We are proud of all of our students and recent graduates at the Half Day School, and we cannot wait for the return of our students in May! From all of the staff and volunteers at DEPDC/GMS in Mae Sai, we wish the best of luck to our graduating class of 2014 – “chok dii na kha!”

Our G6 students of 2014 and Kruu Somboon, one of the HDS teachers
Our G6 students of 2014 and Kruu Somboon, one of the Half Day School teachers

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