Sports Day at DEPDC Mae Sai

The last Friday of January was a big success for students and staff at the Mae Sai centre. Everyone was able to participate in a  DEPDC/GMS tradition – Annual Sports Day! It is an event that happens once a year, and it is a day where the HDS students are broken up into teams and are given the chance to partake in some friendly competition.

Sports Day opening ceremony
Sports Day opening ceremony

This year’s Sports Day included the usual activities such as chair ball and relay races, as well as some unconventional ones, like a race to put on makeup blindfolded (such a laugh!). Students had a great time playing outdoors and cheering for each other. On this occasion, children learned actively about self-esteem, teamwork and the importance of sports in life and staying healthy. They also got to play fun games in the sun all day!

The day began with a ceremony which included the raising of the Thai and royal flags and the flags of the different teams partaking in the activities. This year we had three competing teams (Red, Blue and White, the colours of the Thai flag!).  DEPDC/GMS staff and volunteers were allocated a team as well. There was a speech and kind words from Khun Alinda Suya, the director of HDS, to inform and encourage the students about Sports Day.


Raising flags
Raising flags

After that, the games started and all the students cheered on their classmates as they ran, hopped, and occasionally ate their way across the finish line. Games included relay races, superman relay races (the students put on a few clothing items and a cape), three-legged races and more. Snacks were distributed to all the participants after each event and again at the closing ceremony.

Students prepared cheers ahead of time and shouted them all day to support their team mates. Prizes were awarded to students throughout the day, and each participant was recognized and cheered for his or her efforts. At the end of the day, we recognised our winning team, had closing ceremonies, and sent the kids off happy from their day’s exertions and fun. Sports day was full of energy, enthusiasm and cohesive efforts. Overall, it was a very fun day for all of us here, and it is fair to say that the students had a fantastic day!

Cheering team mates

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