Happy Wan Dek from DEPDC!

Thailand celebrates Wan Dek, or Children’s Day (literally “day children” in Thai), on the second Saturday of January every year.  This holiday is widely celebrated throughout Thailand, with many activities for children to have fun.  On Friday, January 10th 2014, we celebrated Children’s Day at the DEPDC centre in Mae Sai.  The day included many fun games, great performances by the students, and gifts for everyone!

Here at our centre in Mae Sai, children from our Half Day School and other surrounding villages came together to celebrate this special day with games, toys, and a lot of food!  Everyone brought a small present in the morning, and each of these was numbered for a gift exchange ceremony later in the afternoon.

The children loved receiving presents from their peers and the staff
The children loved receiving presents and snacks!

Monks, soldiers, and other visitors also participated throughout the day and offered treats and prizes to the students.  At lunch time, everyone gathered around the main hall to eat together and share fruits and drinks.  Students played all sorts of games, such as darts, relay races, 3-legged races, and ball games.  They also drew numbers in order to win prizes, and ate lots of snacks and sweets.

Our students having fun with a relay race
Our students having fun outdoors with relay races

All of us here at DEPDC had a great time, especially our students, as you can see in the pictures!  From all of us here in Mae Sai, we wish all children across the world a Happy Children’s Day. We hope that your days are filled with as much joy and laughter as ours!

Motto for Children’s Day 2014: “Be good and grateful, know your duty, have discipline, and help build the nation”

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