The December 2013 Newsletter Is Here!

Inside this issue we talk about:newsletter

  • The recent World’s Children’s Prize event
  • The Mekong Regional Indigenous Child Rights Home and its projects;
  • Updates about recent activities at the Half Day School;
  • An interview with Khruu Somboon, a Teacher at the Half Day School;
  • DEPDC’s vision and the direction of its future projects;
  • .…and much more!

Download the newsletter here: December 2013

To read previous issues of our newsletter, please click on Newsletters in the menu bar at the top of this page.  We hope you will enjoy reading about DEPDC/GMS!  Please continue to spread the word about our mission and pass on the latest newsletter to your friends, colleagues, and family.


2 thoughts on “The December 2013 Newsletter Is Here!

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  1. Dear DEPDC Friends,

    I am a keen supporter of DEPDC for the last 8 or 9 years. Therefor I really appreciate your Newsletters which keep me posted of the latest developments at DEPDC.

    It was nice to read about the price giving ceremony in Sweden organized by the World’s Children Prize Organisation. I was extremely impressed with the whole event and the genuine importance that WCPO puts on children’s rights throughout the world. Quite a number of people in the audience got emotional at times. It was worth my effort and expense to attend and have a chance to meet Kuhn Sompop and his family and Fanta.

    It is also good to read about the new team of International Volunteers. I wish you all the very best of luck and fun in your good work for DEPDC. It is really important for the kids and the staff to have you guys helping out with each your specific knowledge and experience.
    In your ‘welcome and farewells section’ I was sad not to see any word mentioned about 2 volunteers (Simon and Laszlo) who I understand have left DEPDC in December … ???
    During the 2013 half year meeting I noticed that the Advisory Board of DEPDC was extremely impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of these two men. I hope that DEPDC’s next newsletter will address a word of appreciation for their voluntary period with you.

    My very best wishes for the New Year, and, for many many years thereafter!

    I look forward to visit you all in July/August.

    Cees Obenhuysen
    International Ambassador for DEPDC

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