Meet an International Volunteer: Eléa!

One of our new volunteers is Eléa, who joined DEPDC at the beginning of November.  She is from France and is a recent graduate in International Relations with a Master degree in International Peace and Security.  She loves kids and has a deep commitment to making sure that children everywhere get the chance to live freely and to be happy and healthy.  She came to Thailand earlier in her life and developed a fondness for Thai culture and Thailand itself which, in addition to her passion for children’s rights, is what has brought her into the DEPDC/GMS family.

Eléa teaches the kindergarten classes at the Mae Sai centre and is redesigning the English classroom into both a nice study environment and a handy teaching tool with the help of other volunteers.  She also teaches at the Community Learning Centre, co-manages social media, occasionally helps Aaron with the radio show, and works to obtain the funding that DEPDC/GMS needs for its projects.

My love for children brought me here.  I strongly believe that education is the key to prevent and fight the most deeply-rooted issues of human trafficking.  I first learned about human trafficking through my degree and I had wanted to get involved in a meaningful project for a long time. When I did research and came across the work of DEPDC, I seized the opportunity to help the organisation to achieve its goals after I was offered a position.

Taking action early in the lives of children is the best time to tackle the cycle of human trafficking and prevent it from beginning.  The work we undertake here is to make sure our children have a safe environment to learn and grow confidently and happily, and also to raise awareness about the dangers they may face.  The scope and magnitude of the human trafficking problem in Northern Thailand is very saddening and negatively impacts human lives on so many levels.  At the centre, the kids are protected from traffickers looking for children in the surrounding villages and learn about their own protection.

Elea and two of her Half Day School students
Eléa and two of her Half Day School students

I strongly believe that investing human capital in children is one of the best and most valuable long-term investments we can make.  It yields positive benefits to economies and communities.  Investing all necessary resources to help children develop to their full potential will empower future generations and impact our common future, as the world of tomorrow will inherit the children of today.  I believe in every child’s capacity and I strive for a world where education is accessible by all; where children are protected and given the tools to learn and think by themselves.

I am so grateful for the opportunity and really happy to be part of this wonderful experience. I enjoy teaching the classes and doing all sorts of activities with the students. Restoring the classroom wall is a big project but all the children will be involved and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun!


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