Camp for Enhancing Life Skills at Half Day School

The “Camp for Enhancing Life Skills” on October 8th, 9th, and 10th was led by ten teachers and served fifty-five students on site at the Half Day School (HDS).  Specific topic discussions engaged the children on day one to learn more about themselves and their individual rights, their role within traditional and alternative family structures, and their place within the larger community and social framework. 

Participants and teachers give a big “Yay!” to celebrate a successful camp.

The second day was highlighted by an educational hike through a protected forest park nearby the Half Day School.  All cooperated to pack supplies and food in the morning before setting off, and after a variety of fun orienteering activities along the way and some ninety minutes later, the group reached a natural mountain pool where they picnicked and had a cooling swim.  Students then had a chance to listen to a park official speak about nature conservation and environmental hazards.  

A park official talks to the students about environmental issues while they take a rest.

On the camp’s final day, students were given a demonstration by army soldiers who specialize in training canines to search for illicit drugs.  They also discussed social problems and dangers related to the trafficking of contraband which is prevalent at border crossings and throughout the Mekhong Subregion.  Teachers wrapped up camp activities with a gathering to guide students to reflect on questions about what they learned over the three days.  

Army soldiers give a demonstration and explain the usefulness of trained canines.

In the upcoming DEPDC/GMS newsletter, we’ll detail other of this month’s activities and trainings which kept our dedicated Half Day School teachers busy and aimed to keep students healthy and safe, as we’ll then talk about all events which have engaged DEPDC’s participants since our last publication.  Until then, please follow us here to gather updates on what we are doing to support the children at our three sites and to enhance the surrounding communities and well beyond.

Thanks so much as always for considering the impact that donation support has on the everyday lives of the children at DEPDC/GMS.



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