Update on The Buddhist Project!

The Buddhist Project is one of our most beloved and successful projects here at DEPDC. Started in 2010 by the initiative of Ianic Camirand a Canadian from Montreal, it is still going strong. Classes are held all day every Friday by two Buddhist monks who travel up from Chiang Rai to teach the Half Day School Students. Recently we welcomed another monk to The Buddhist Project – Phra Ajarn Somsanit, who will join in teaching our students of the benefits of Buddhism.

Every Friday a cloud of calm settles over the students at Half Day School. Instead of their regular classes, such as Thai, English, maths and science, they receive classes about the philosophy of moral and ethical thought, speech and action. The project teaches students about personal discipline, responsibility, and how to exist harmoniously in society. The monks use various different teaching skills in their classes, everything from video media to serious seminars to fun activities. This year they have also begun to teach some of the concepts of democracy.

The monks teach Buddhism in a sensitive and gentle way, this is necessary in an environment such as ours here at Half Day School, where the student’s religious backgrounds vary. This allows for students of all faiths to take part and learn how to utilize the concepts of human kindness and compassion in their daily lives. 

Meditation, although often associated directly with Buddhism, does not require one to be Buddhist to practice and gain knowledge of this skill. All students can and really do benefit from building concentration and peace in the mind. The Buddhist monks will also teach Buddhist mantras to those who are Buddhist and wish to learn them. Those who are not Buddhist do not have to participate, but can use this time to simply sit quietly and practice their meditation.

In the coming weeks some our of our students will have the opportunity to attend a meditation camp of two days and three nights. Here they will be given the opportunity to learn more  about meditation and put their skills to use.  The Buddhist project builds a solid moral foundation for these students and continues to bring confidence, guidance, hope and peace into the their lives.

DEPDC and all the students here would like to thank Ianic Camirand who brought us the Buddhist project and thank everyone who has generously supported the project.

Donations to the project are welcomed and can be made at our donation page.

photo The Buddhist Project


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