Girls’ Right to Education – International Day of the Girl Child

Today is the United Nations General Assembly’s second observance of the International Day of the Girl Child, and a time to recognize girls’ fundamental right to education and the challenges which they face globally.  In Thailand, the socio-political issues which hinder girls from marginalized groups in particular often result in and are continually exacerbated by a deficiency of opportunities for even a basic education. 

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As articulated by the United Nations General Assembly in the following excerpt, taken from their webpage concerning the significance of this day, the critical role of education in the lives of girls everywhere must be acutely underscored and addressed without fail. 

The fulfilment of girls’ right to education is first and foremost an obligation and moral imperative.  There is also overwhelming evidence that girls’ education, especially at the secondary level, is a powerful transformative force for societies and girls themselves:  it is the one consistent positive determinant of practically every desired development outcome, from reduction and equitable growth, to social norm change and democratization.

Since its inception in 1989, DEPDC/GMS has aimed to create and expand educational and vocational opportunities, among other critical exploitation and trafficking prevention services, for girls – and as of 1997 also boys – who are especially vulnerable to being exploited and trafficked in the Greater Mekong Subregion.  On this day, we would like to reflect on the immense effort and resources DEPDC has required to give these children the opportunity to go to school and stay in school for as long as possible.  Indeed humbly, without the support of generous contributions from around the world, DEPDC would not be able to facilitate such vital educational services and programs.    

We would be so grateful for donations, which can be made here, and which will have a immediate and lasting impact on the work we do with the children of the Greater Mekong Subregion.


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