Meet an International Volunteer: Erica!

This week we would like to introduce you to Erica,  one of our new international volunteers who is currently volunteering at our HQ in Mae Sai. Erica graduated with a B.A in Chinese Studies from the University College Cork, Ireland. As part of her four year course, she spent a year studying at Shanghai University.  Here, for the first time, she was exposed to the seedier nature of several aspects of Chinese culture and on her return to Ireland, decided to focus all of her energy on researching human trafficking.


Erica says ‘For my final year, I centered my dissertation on trafficking and used every presentation as a chance to learn more. Every time I read a new article or book, there was something to shock me.  After graduation, I couldn’t think of a single thing I was more passionate about than trafficking, so I set about looking for volunteering options.  Many people ask me why I chose Thailand when my degree is in Chinese, this is simply because finding a Chinese NGO working against trafficking that accepted international volunteers proved much harder than I thought it would. Another area of interest to me however, was the Greater Mekong Sub region.

I found DEPDC/GMS after coming across the volunteer application on Omprakesh, applied, was accepted and am living it! Volunteering here so far has been an amazing experience and working next to like minded people is a huge part of that. The kids and the staff are welcoming and kind and the work is hard but rewarding. Every day offers new opportunities for inspiration. ‘


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