Teacher’s Day at Mae Sai!

Our teachers at Mae Sai are loved dearly by all the children who attend Half Day School. Once a year, in a joint effort, the students get together to celebrate Teacher’s Day. This is a day where students show their appreciation for their teachers through a special ceremony in their honor.  In the days before our Teacher’s Day ceremony here at Mae Sai, the children spent time collecting flowers and making intricate gifts with them to present their teachers with. This is always a lot of fun and this year was no exception!

The day of the ceremony, all of the teachers took their place on the stage here in the Saisuree Jutikul building at the Mae Sai centre. Khun Sompop stood and gave a speech about the teacher’s roles and the importance of gratitude to the students, all of whom listened intently to his words. This was followed by prayers and songs that the children had been practicing. After this was the presentation of the children’s handmade gifts, which involved the students offering their gifts to the teachers and then ‘wai- ing’ before them in a show of respect and gratitude.
It is because of the existence of Half Day School that these students get the chance to learn about and reflect on moral values that are applicable to their lives such as gratitude and honesty, alongside subjects such as Thai, English, maths, science and art. Thank you so much for helping us continue this fantastic opportunity for these children who, were it not for the existence of DEPDC, might be dealing with an altogether different start in life.

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