Goodbye Hannah, Hello Hana – International Volunteer Coordinators at DEPDC

In this edition of staff profiles, “Hannah vs. Hana,” we’d like to say a fond farewell to Hannah Smith, our international volunteer coordinator, who has been with DEPDC for the past year, and we’d like to introduce her replacement, Hana Livingston. (It is not a requirement that you have to be named Hannah/Hana to work as the volunteer coordinator at DEPDC!)

The international volunteer coordinator (IVC) is responsible for DEPDC’s International Department, which comprises all of our international volunteers. Based in the Mae Sai headquarters, the IVC wears many hats, including recruiting, training, and managing volunteers; overseeing the DEPDC blog and other English language social media and communications; writing grant reports; receiving visitors; and general administration.

Hannah S. graduated with a B.A. in Politics and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London in 2011. Originally from Thailand, Hannah came to DEPDC because of her strong interest in human trafficking.

Hannah Smith enjoying sports outside of DEPDC Mae Sai
Hannah S. enjoying sports outside of DEPDC Mae Sai

Hannah says, “Working at DEPDC has been an amazing and unforgettable opportunity. I am so grateful to have been a part of an organization that does such great work. Everyone here is incredibly dedicated.”

Some of her best memories from DEPDC are interpreting for World’s Children’s Prize while they were profiling Khun Sompop and the children in our programs; working with everyone at DEPDC, especially the staff and volunteers, who are “simply great people;” and seeing Khun Sompop and DEPDC staff have a jam session with guitars, bongos, and Thai classical instruments!

Read more from Hannah’s staff interview at Go Overseas.

Hana L. is thrilled to be the newest IVC at DEPDC. She previously worked for an education-based NGO on the Thai-Burmese border in Thailand’s Mae Hong Son province. She has also worked with refugees, undocumented immigrants, and disadvantaged children in China and in her home country, the U.S.

Hana Livingston
Hana L. playing with schoolchildren in Ko Kel, Cambodia

Hana says she loves working at DEPDC so far and sometimes has to force herself to leave the office and go home at the end of the day! Some of her favorite parts of the job so far are getting to interact with people from all over the world who are passionate about ending human trafficking, giving people the opportunity to change their lives and the lives of others by becoming volunteers, being inspired daily by the hardworking and committed DEPDC staff and volunteers, and playing with the babies that hang out at the Mae Sai office!

Please join us in wishing Hannah Smith the best of luck in her next steps, and in welcoming Hana Livingston to DEPDC!


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