Sports Day at DEPDC Mae Sai

Sports Day here at DEPDC Mae Sai this month was a big success. Students learned actively about teamwork, winning and losing gracefully, self-esteem, and the importance and fun of physical fitness. They also got to play in the sun all day!



The day began with a ceremony which included the raising of the Thai and royal flags and the recitation of Buddhist prayers. After that, the games got started in earnest. Students decked out in team colors cheered on their classmates as they ran, hopped, and occasionally ate their way across the finish line. Games included relay races, tire-rolling races, three-legged (and seven-legged!) races, and more. One hilarious game was a shower relay, where students had to dress in traditional Thai skirts and a shower cap and run with bathing supplies to a teammate, who would then repeat the process. Students also raced to see who could make the tastiest som tam (papaya salad)! Toward the end of the day, there were big football games for both the boys and the girls with students and teachers playing side by side.






Students prepared cheers ahead of time and shouted them all day to support their teammates. Prizes were awarded to students throughout the day, and each participant was recognized and cheered for his or her efforts. At the end of the day, we recognized our winning team, had closing ceremonies, and sent the kids off happy from their day’s exertions and fun.





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