Sompop Nominated for World Children’s Prize!


The World Children’s Prize (WCP) exists to educate children around the world about their rights and to recognize outstanding individuals who are working to protect child rights. It is the world’s largest annual education program for children regarding child rights. And this year, DEPDC’s very own Sompop Jantraka is one of the nominees for this prestigious award.

The World Children’s Prize honors three world leaders annually for their work in promoting and protecting the rights of the child. Each year, individuals are nominated by the WCP’s Child Jury for their eminent work in child rights. In addition to Sompop, this year’s nominees, or “Child Rights Heroes,” are James Kofi Annan from Ghana, who fights to stop child slavery, and Kimmie Weeks from Liberia, who fights to protect children and their rights, especially those affected by war.

James Kofi Annan
James Kofi Annan
Kimmie Weeks
Kimmie Weeks

A magazine announcing these nominations, The Globe, is published annually, detailing the work that these individuals do and spotlighting some of the children whom they have helped. This excellent publication goes out to children in schools all over the world in order for them to read its contents, learn about their rights, and vote for each year’s World Children’s Prize Laureate. (The WCP is not considered a competition, and hence it recognizes and rewards all three Heroes. Children vote on how to distribute prize money between them each year.)

Through this annual process, millions of children learn about child rights, democracy, environmental issues, girls’ and women’s rights, and other world issues and have the opportunity to cast a vote and make their voices heard. At this point, 58,091 schools with 27 million students in 108 countries have participated. If you think a child or school that you know would be interested in getting involved with and voting as a part of the WCP, you can refer to the WCP’s website for information on registering as a Global Friend School of the WCP.

Please make your way to The World’s Children’s Prize website to learn more about this amazing organization and to read this year’s magazine. You can see the entire feature on Sompop and DEPDC there as well as features on the other amazing nominees and their important and inspiring work in child rights!


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