Go Fund Me! DEPDC volunteer fundraising for new toilets and sinks at our Chiang Khong Centre

We would like to introduce to everyone Patricia from Spain, our newest volunteer currently working at the Chiang Khong centre of DEPDC. The Chiang Khong centre provides full time accommodation and educational support for 21 girls from the local community who otherwise would not be attending school and therefore would be at risk of being trafficked for labour or sexual purposes.  

When Patricia arrived she saw that the centre was really in need of new squat toilets and sinks for the girls. After consulting with our Project Coordinator P’Tu, Patricia is fundraising for this project and is on her way to making the new facilities a reality!

The budget needed for this project (new squat toilets and sinks) is 500 EUROS. Patricia has already fundraised 320 EUROS from family, friends, and acquaintances.

Please read an excerpt here from Patricia about the project and CLICK HERE to see the full text and DONATE!

This little (project) will not only help these 21 girls but also all the future residents at DEPDC Chiang Khong.…it is often the case with non for profit organisations, their budget is pretty tight and one of the things that struck me the most when I arrived here was the state of the bathroom area. I would like to contribute a little bit into the welfare of these girls by fixing the bathroom area.

There are 4 toilets cabinets but the walls were never painted and the concrete is now covered by a green layer of mold. The squat toilets are really old and it only makes it even more anti hygienic. These 4 cubicles are supposed to serve the girls as toilets, showers, and sink area…I truly think these girls could do with a separate sink area, where making sure they get into the routine of washing up their hands thoroughly with soap after using the toilet. 

Basically, the plan is:

1. Painting the walls with a nice colour paint that resist humidity and maybe get the girls to decorate the walls with nice little drawings.

2. Replace the old squat toilets for brand new ones.

3. Build a very simple long sink structure right in front of the toilet cubicle.”

I am aware that the current financial times are not the ideal to ask anyone for money. But I only ask you, friends and relatives, to contribute to this cause with just 5 Euros each…. It´s just 5 euros!! Please I beg you to join this cause with as much as you would spend for a Starbucks coffee in London, or a beer tapa in Spain… if I could get 100 people to donate 5 euros each (or 50 people donating 10 euros each..) that would make up the 500 euros needed for this project, easily, without asking anyone for a big effort

Thank you all!!!! 

Pat 🙂



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  1. Dear Pati! Excellent initiative. Good work. You see something which NEEDS to be improved and YOU DO IT. Chiangkong Centre will remember you forever, every day again and again! DO GOOD – FEEL WELL, Cees Obenhuysen, International Ambassador for DEPDC

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