International Student Volunteers at DEPDC/GMS

From the 23rd June until the 2nd August DEPDC/GMS hosted three International Student Volunteer (ISV) groups: Altogether a total of thirty volunteers. Each group volunteered for nine days and worked extremely hard building a wall and teaching the students at the Half Day School (HDS) in Mae Sai.

The ISV groups certainly had their work cut out for them, but were well up to the tasks at hand.  Each group began their nine day stay at 9am on a Monday by putting on working gloves and building a wall around the perimeter of the HDS in Mae Sai.  Every group found this work challenging, but enjoyed the experience and knew it was of great value to DEPDC/GMS.

The volunteers rotated teaching the kindergarten classes in the mornings and in the afternoons everyone could get involved in teaching or playing sports and games with the students.  Although, at times, this was almost as demanding as building the wall everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  The students were delighted to see some new faces at the HDS and were eager to get involved in all the activities designed by the ISV groups.  Some volunteers even hosted the Fun English Show on DEPDC/GMS’ Child Voice Radio, and had great fun putting together a show and broadcasting it.

When each group was asked how they found their experience the response was always the same.  They all loved it!  They felt playing sports and games with the students were the best ways to communicate as the language barrier did not matter in these cases.  Some commented that they saw the students really open up and come out of their shells over the nine days.  Overall everyone enjoyed their time at DEPDC/GMS and had fun experiencing a new culture. 

DEPDC/GMS would like to thank all the ISV volunteers and group leaders for their hard work and their time, and we wish them all the best for the future.

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