Community Outreach – Media Training

As part of our community outreach initiatives our Media for Child Development team (MCD) have been involved in an exciting project since 2011, training a minimum of 50 students from 5 local government schools in Mae Sai each year. This year, in its second year running, we have already trained around 72 students, including some teachers from 2 out of the 5 local schools we will be working with this year. Already we are able to see the fruit of last year’s work from the videos produced by last year’s group.

The Media Child Development (MCD) team’s school outreach media training program aims to work with a minimum of 10 students from 5 different local schools to teach them about social issues as well as media technical know-how. These workshops discuss social issues as well as issues faced by children and young people such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, dropping out of school and teenage pregnancy. The students also learn how to produce videos, radio spots, sound and video editing, and how to make posters.

From last year’s training, which DEPDC/GMS held for 50 students from 5 different schools, we have been invited back by the students we trained last year to train their peers. With this process of training young people form local schools in Mae Sai DEPDC/GMS aims to continue such work, not only through our own initiative but also by the initiative of the students themselves. Eventually we hope that students involved in these workshops will be equipped to train their fellow peers.

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*Check out our facebook page for more pictures of the activities.

Last year’s group produced a total of 5 videos which can be viewed by following the links below to the Media Youth Union Training Centre (MYUTC) youtube page. These 5 videos, produced by 5 student groups with the assistance of DEPDC/GMS equipment and staff, are a testament to the students creativity and hard work. The students wrote the script and music, performed, filmed and edited the videos.

Out of the two groups that we have work with this year, the first group has produced 3 radio spots which will be used on DEPDC/GMS’ radio station and hopefully on other wave lengths as well, covering the topics of sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy and prostitution. The second school we have worked with has produced 2 videos about their school, the first one is an introduction to the school and how it has been preparing itself for ASEAN and the second video is about the Educational areas within their school.

DEPDC/GMS are delighted by the work of the MCD team and the work of the students within the Mae Sai community. We hope that projects like this will grow from strength to strength!

The first video is titled ‘Dreams of a better day,’ a story about a homeless boy. Music written and performed by students.

Titled ‘Hope’ a music video about loneliness and neglect. Music written and performed by students.

A story titled ‘Choice’ – Language Thai

A story titled ‘Forgotten’ – Language Thai

Camp for Youth II – Documents the activities the students participated in at the workshops.


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