Travelling Film Maker Visits DEPDC/GMS, Mae Sai

On Thursday 12th and Friday 13th July DEPDC/GMS was visited by Liam Davies, a travelling film maker, studying Global Media studies in the UK.  He has been travelling around Asia, making promotional documentary videos for charities, free of charge.

There was great excitement when Liam arrived on Thursday to teach six students from the youth group about filming and editing their own news reel. The morning consisted of the students researching news stories for the film they made which consisted of world news, entertainment news, a report on DEPDC/GMS and a look at Wat Doi Waw on of Mae Sai’s tourist attractions.  Thanks to Liam they were able to try their hand at writing a script for the news reel, learning how to present and researching pictures and videos relating to their news story.

On the second day Liam taught the students how to use the professional video camera and set up the news room. The students then proceeded to take shots from around the DEPDC/GMS Mae Sai centre and Wat Doi Waw to use in their film.  The afternoon was spent in the media room filming and putting all the pieces together.

Liam said that these were a great bunch of students to work with and that their filming and researching skills were excellent!

DEPDC/GMS and the students would like to say a big BIG thank you to Liam for sharing his skills and time with us! All children should be given the chance to have new and exciting experiences that challenge and inspire them.

This link will take you to our MYUTC youtube page to view the DEPDC news reel they produced!

Check out our album on facebook for more pictures! 

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