School in a Bag @ DEPDC/GMS!!

School in a Bag and Prem Tinsulanonda International School Thailand (PTIS) donates 350 school bags with a wealth of learning materials (pens, pencils, notebooks, lunch box and spoon, water bottle, ruler compass, colour pencils, and pencil case) to students at DPEDC/GMS!

On the 28th of June, 2012, School in a Bag (SIAB) a UK based organization and PTIS donated education supplies to the students at DEPDC/GMS. Along with the 350 school bags, our novice monks also received school supplies. School in a Bag and PTIS generously provided for all the students in our various programs including Half Day School, the Community Learning Centre, Mekong Child Rights Protection Centre, and our Mekong Regional Indigenous Child Rights Home.

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Everyone at DEPDC/GMD would like to say a BIG BIG thank you to School in a Bag who funded 244 school bags and school supplies for novice monks and the Prem Tinsulanonda International School in Chiang Mai who funded 106 bags!

Stay tuned for our August Newsletter where you can read the full story about School in a Bag!

Once again DEPDC/GMS would like to thank SIAB, Luke Simon who contacted DEPDC about the project and Prem International School for this gift.

“Giving the chance of an education to poor, vulnerable, orphan and disaster affected children throughout the world” – School in a Bag.

SIAB is an initiative run by the Piers Simon Appeal, please visit the websites below to find out more about them:



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