New School Year Begins!

The Half Day School started up again on the 23rd May, 2012 with old students returning and new arrivals as well. We currently have about 160 students and still counting as more students continue to enroll. We’re hoping the numbers will settle down soon.

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DEPDC has once again come alive with the sounds of students working hard in classes and enjoying their lunch break. Teachers are back in class teaching, English, Mathematics, Thai, Computer skills, Science, Social Studies, Health and various Vocational Skills training. The Buddhist project has also begun again. This project brings in two Buddhist monks every Friday to the HDS to teach Buddhist philosophy with the objective of bringing confidence, guidance, hope, and peace in to the student’s lives.

DEPDC welcomes all the student of the Half Day School and wishes them all the best for the upcoming school year!



3 thoughts on “New School Year Begins!

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  1. Dear DEPDC staff. We are so happy for the staff, the management and of course all the KIDS that DEPDC kicks into a new schoolyear. The learning sounds of the kids in class and the happy playing sounds during the breaks are sounds we both have deeply rooted in our memories. We hope to see you soon again. Love from Luxembourg in Europe. Maite and Cees

  2. This is wonderful wonderful news. I am enthusiastic to know how the finances have been arranged and whether you have some new sponsors on board. A great result for everyone, especially the students, teachers and other staff. Well done Sompop and everyonone at DEPDC.

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