‘Tod – Pa – Bpa’ Fundraiser at DEPDC

On Monday the 9th of April at our Mae Sai centre, DEPDC held its very first ‘Tod – Pa – Bpa’ fundraiser, raising a total of One hundred and ninety nine thousand, and seventy baht! (199,070 THB)

‘Tod – Pa – Bpa’ is a Thai Buddhist tradition often held at temples, of making merit through giving a donation either to the temple or to another good cause, for example schools or charitable organizations. The event can be held by the temple, schools or other good causes looking to raise funds.

The staff at DEPDC were busily preparing for the event over the weekend. This included cooking lunch on the morning of the event for the expected 200 guests. All hands were on deck, sweeping the centre, setting up a big tent, preparing the stage for the monks, chopping endless amounts of food to be cooked and fruit, and washing dishes which would be used to serve lunch. DEPDC sent out envelopes to receive donations, which came back to the centre before the day of the event, so that all the money could be displayed in the form of a money tree (see picture in slide show).     

On the day of the event the monks arrived in the morning to chant and bless everyone who had made a donation. It is tradition to serve the monks lunch first, and after they finished, the guests and staff then enjoyed a spectacular all vegetarian lunch. Monks are also served first because they are allowed only one meal a day taken at about 11am, as after 12pm they do not eat for the rest of the day. To top off the event Juiy Suboonleung, a famous Thai country singer, also came to play a set for us at DEPDC, to the delight of the guests and staff members.

On behalf of everyone at DEPDC we would like to thank all our guests, all the donations that came in and for the hard work everyone at DEPDC put in to making it all happen!

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